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Our Story

Based in Langley, British Columbia, Counselling Psychology Group is comprised of a team of counsellor, psychotherapists and psychologists whose mission is to provide the best, and full continuum of care for a wide variety of issues.


As a team, we work together, sometimes as co-therapists, to provide not only provide the therapy for tackling these issues, but additional long-term counselling for maintenance. and follow up ensures greater success. Longer-term continuum of care helps ‘follow-through’.


We are proud to provide a neutral ground to children, adolescents, adults, families, and couples. 

Our Practice

Our broad experience enables us to offer effective individualized, psychological care. We treat a number of issues including; anxiety, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD), depression, parenting problems, relationship problems, and the challenges of adolescence.

Our Promise

We promise to be fair and unbiased. Our goal is to help you overcome your challenges; and move forward to where you want to be in your life. 

Our Focus

Our focus is to help individuals solve their problems, and learn new skills, achieving resolutions and peace of mind. We provide support and guidance and new strategies. We listen, and work with you to achieve real change.

Our Experience

Our team of certified and registered counsellors, psychotherapists and psychologists have decades of experience treating a range of issues and clients of all ages.

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Continuum of Care: What is it?

Proper treatment of an issue or disorder often goes beyond the therapy itself. Fifty percent of therapeutic change is determined by events that happen after therapy. To ensure the highest degree of success with a treatment, Counselling Psychology Group offers its clients follow-up counselling to track and monitor issues. Follow-up care is especially beneficial to cope with unexpected events that may aggravate past issues, and our therapists can help clients maintain changes.


The ‘continuum of care’ can mean:

  • co-therapy followed by individual therapy

  • individual counselling for anxiety or OCD is followed up with couple’s counselling

  • therapy with a psychologist followed with support from a counsellor member of the team

  • individual counselling can lead to support group work for on-going maintenance of achievements from therapy

Sanaa Sanjad represents a key part of the continuum of services that has developed. She is skilled in dealing with people with a history of (unusual) problematic thought or thought patterns, or delusions, or obsessions.  Sanaa helps people who are re-entering the work force; sometimes after a prolonged absence. 

The Model 

We know from a wide range of research studies, that much of what determines the eventual outcomes of counselling, is what happens AFTER treatment ends. Therefore, we offer a type of service that follows the central intervention. As clients progress through treatment, they are empowered to move to the next level of care. Adjusting to change and the increased responsibility for managing their own health and safety is an important skill to learn, therefore, Sanaa stays close to support clients through these adjustments, to provide a safety net and help make the necessary changes. Sanaa’s involvement is of course, voluntary.

The Team

Meet the team at Counselling Psychology Group:


John H. Taylor

Registered Psychologist

Dr. Taylor has over 40 years experience as a registered psychologist (CPBC #1444) providing counselling for:


  • Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD)

  • Parenting

  • Divorce adjustment

  • Blended family dynamics

  • Anxiety

  • Mood or behaviour challenges


One of Dr. Taylor’s areas of specialization is the treatment of OCD, which can be done in-person or on an out-reach basis.


He has extensive experience working with adolescents and youth working with Hollyburn Youth and Family Services - both in treatment and as a staff trainer.


Dr. Taylor has also worked with foster and adoptive parents for the last 24 years. He is eager to help in this challenging area and is well aware how hard it is for these parents to get real and useful support.  


He also developed the original "Boundaries" program for children who were acting out in unusual, sexual ways, and worked with the Vancouver School Board to develop guidelines for school staff in responding to unusual behaviours in academic settings.


He continues to engage clients in finding real change.

Dr John Taylor
Dr. Michael Lloyd

Michael Lloyd, M.Ed., Ph.D.


Dr. Lloyd was previously a registered Psychologist in Alberta before moving to BC, where for the past 5 years he has practiced as a psychotherapist.


As a psychotherapist, Dr. Lloyd provides:


  • Individual counselling

  • Parenting support

  • Divorce and blended family mediation

  • Emotionally-Focused Couple Therapy (EFCT)

  • Chronic pain management counselling

  • Stress and depression management


His practice also includes counselling children and adolescents having difficulty with suicidal ideation, depression, high anxiety and interpersonal stress.


Dr. Lloyd has also been a Clinical Consultant and provided staff training to Hollyburn Youth and Family Services. In addition to the office in Langley with Dr. John Taylor, his counselling practice in Maple Ridge is with Dr. David Lingley & Associates.


Sanaa Sanjad

Registered Therapeutic Counsellor (ACCT #2611 & ACTA #2146)

Sanaa Sanjad is a licensed therapeutic counsellor registered with the Association of Cooperative Counselling Therapist of Canada in both B.C. and Alberta. She specializes in evidence-based treatments such as CBT, DBT, IPT, MBCT, and ACT to help individuals of all ages overcome mental health challenges. Sanaa also serves as a co-therapist, providing longer-term support to individuals in need.

Sanaa's focus is on:

  • ​OCD Obsessive Compulsive Disorder 

  • Neurodevelopmental disorders (Autism & Asperger Spectrum/ADHD)

  • Schizophrenia

  • ·Anxiety and Depressive Disorders

  • ·BFRB Body focused repetitive behaviour 

  • Trauma and stressor-related disorders

  •  Career Counselling and Coaching

Approach to Therapy Sanaa utilizes exposure therapy to treat certain conditions and is adaptable in her approach to conducting exposure therapy. She meets with individuals in various community settings, including malls, parks, coffee shops, and swimming pools.

Launchpad Program Sanaa manages the Launchpad Program, which follows up on assessments provided by CPG members of the clinic. This program is designed to improve the independence skills of children and young adults with social anxiety issues and those who are hesitant to leave their family home. Sanaa utilizes exposure therapy to gradually encourage young individuals to confront situations outside their comfort zone, which is beneficial for those with autism and ADHD.

Education and Professional Development Sanaa is a compassionate therapist with specialized training in CBT for OCD and BFRB from MGH Hospital's Psychiatry Academy in Boston MA. She is pursuing full CBT certification with the Beck Institute and holds certifications in Clinical Anxiety Treatment and Autism Spectrum Disorder Clinical Specialist Intensive Training. Sanaa is also completing her Masters in Counselling Psychology and is committed to ongoing professional development to help individuals reach their full potential.

Sanaa Sanjad
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